Crunchy Spiced Chickpeas

3B766A6E-75C0-4E26-93A0-E9F824F4005C922545A3-181D-4F66-ABA3-B2A1F6FDA3FAWe. Love. Snacks. [I love snacks so much that I had to give up crisps for lent one year…Hardest lent of my life]. This snack changes everything however, high in protein and fibre, it meets many of your dietary needs whilst satisfyingyour crunchy cravings, guilt free. Now, let’s just pause for a minute – we’re not suggesting you never crack open a packet of those little bites of potato heaven again, we’re only offering an every-day alternative for that middle-of-the-day grumble in your tummy. These also work great as a crunchy topping to salad, rice or even pasta dishes as well.

The spice mix is unspecific, we used chilli, salt, pepper and fresh garlic for these but previously we’ve used garam masala, cumin, whatever spices you want really – salt and vinegar even works well!

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, take 1, 400g, can of chickpeas and drain, add whatever spices you like and mix with a drizzle of oil.
Then place it on a baking tray (we used foil to stop the chickpeas falling through the grates on our baking tray) and roast for 30 minutes or so, turning after about 15. If you want them extra crunchy [we did] it may take slightly longer, anything up to an hour. 


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