About Us

Formerly Pesky’s, and originally catering for pescetarian cuisine, both of us took a significant change in our lifestyle, and began eating a mostly vegan diet. In order to fully convey the style of food we enjoy exploring, cooking and eating, we felt that a rebrand was necessary, thus becoming ‘Omni’.

It is through Omni that we aim to share our love for food, from the raw ingredients to the creation of new dishes. We believe that if you like to eat and you’re able to read then anyone can cook.
We want to share our favourite recipes, from family classics (learnt at our Mothers’ knees) to new favourites that we’ve created ourselves. All our recipes are vegan, hoping to show just how good food can be when it is free from animal products.

We can cater for any cuisine or dietary requirement, focussing on vegan food. We are available to hire for private events, from weddings, parties, retreats or work events.

Feel free to contact us on info@theomnicollective.com

We would love to hear any comments, thoughts, ideas or suggestions.


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